Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

There are many different causes for back problems. The spine can be damaged by prolonged sitting, which causes severe pain. Back problems can also arise from being in poor physical condition or straining muscles or ligaments.

One tip that can relieve pain and prevent spinal damage is this simple stretch exercise. All you need is an exercise mat and something to use as a strap, like a towel. Best of all, it only takes two minutes a day to complete!

which causes the exercise it’s important to breathe properly so you can reduce tension and calm the body. In the video below, which has been seen over 2 million times, yoga teacher Vytas Baskauskas demonstrates this exercise.

It’s very simple — and hopefully will make a big difference in your life!

Whether this exercise is helpful or not obviously depends on your particular body, how often you do it and how extensive your pain is — but in any case, it has relieved my back pain and the back pain of many others.

Feel free to share these tips with your friends, so they can also relieve their back pain!

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