Mom loses her son in Walmart and finds him praying under a sign

During July of 2017, a photo of a little boy at Walmart caught the eye of many Internet users. A boy wandered off from the reach of his mother during a trip to the store, and the mother could not believe what happened next.

After she got past her initial instinct to scold her child, she was in shock at what she saw.

As the mother was at Walmart during what she thought to be an ordinary trip to the store, she noticed her son was missing. She looked around for him, assuming he was being irresponsible and left the reach of his mom. She eventually found him kneeling on a bench, doing what she thought to be praying.

She was quite curious as to what he was doing. She figured he was praying but still wondered why in this context. Then, finally, she took a glance above her child and saw a blue sign on the wall that read “Every Second Counts.”

She then realized what he was up to.

Her emotions about the situation went from confusion to appreciation and happiness of her son’s values. The picture that was taken of her son doing this has since gone viral on the Internet as an example that every second truly does count in the eyes of God. The child and his mother have received much widespread praise for this emotional image as an example of where our priorities should lie.

The Facebook community has voiced a number of positive opinions about this occurrence since July of 2017. One commenter, for instance, stated that the world would be a better a place if everyone followed his example. They also said that, whether or not you believe in God, this is an example of putting true value into the consideration of others.

Mom loses her son in Walmart and finds him praying under a sign

As we can see, this little boy has his priorities in line at a young age. This heart-touching image serves as a reminder of where our values should be. We encourage you to show this sweet article to your friends and family! 


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