Top 10 Ways to Gauge Your Fitness

Fitness is not just based on how long or fast can you run or how slim or healthy you look, in fact it is lot more than that. No one is completely fit and fitness level is different among different people. If you want to test how much fit you are then here are the top 10 ways to gauge your fitness-

  1. Heart Rate – Measuring your heart rate is a good way to test your fitness but only when your heat is at rest & relaxed. At that time count the number of times your heart beats each minute; lower heart rate corresponds to healthier and fit body.
  2. Brisk Walk – This will test the fitness of your cardiovascular. Try brisk walk or run for a distance of 1 mile on a straight route. If you could complete 1 mile in nine minutes or less then you are fit.
  3. Flexibility – Fitness is also tested by the flexibility of your body. For this, you have to sit on the floor with legs stretched out and then touch your nose to your toes. If you are not able to touch it, then you do not pass the flexibility fitness test. But don’t worry most of the people are not able to do it. But keep trying and do more stretching exercises that can make your body flexible.
  4. Balance – It is also another important way to test the fitness level of your body. As it is said that one should live a balanced life, similarly body should also be balanced. But how to check if your body is well balanced? Stand on one foot for 1 minute with your arms at sides. If you are not able to stand then you can take help of wall, chair or table.
  5. Pushups – Pushups are really good to measure overall fitness. Most of the people are not able to do even 1 proper pushup. If men and women can do 20 and 12 pushups respectively then their body is quite fit.
  6. Squats – Overhead Squats are another great way to gauge fitness. If you could do 10 overhead squads, then you come under the category of fit people.
  7. Plank – Trainers all over the world really recommend planks because they are very much beneficial for whole body. There are many types of planks. To do proper plank, lift your body on curled toes and forearms. Try to hold this position for minimum 30 seconds. In fact this exercise should be added to your daily routine because it increases overall fitness and strengthens core muscles.
  8. Step Test – You can test this on staircases as well if you don’t have metronome. Step up with first foot then second and then step down in the same manner. Repeat this for 3 times and then check your heart rate. Get your beats per minute. The lower the number of beats the fitter you are.
  9. Wall Sit – Another good yet easy way to measure your fitness level. This exercise is used to access the leg strength and lower body. Stand with your back against the wall with a distance of a chair (invisible) then sit on that invisible chair.  Your knees should be at right angle. Try to hold this position as long as you can.
  10. (10) Burpees – It is an intensive workout which is very good for measuring fitness level. It challenges your cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness and body power. To test the fitness level of your body, try to do as many as possible in 1 minute.


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