Woman Divorced After 44 Years Of Marriage Gets An Incredible Makeover – Knocking Decades Off Her Age

If you’re reading this from the United States, it’s likely that an unlucky couple in your own country is signing their divorce papers and ending their marriage at this very moment. That’s because, in this country, one married couple gets divorced every thirteen seconds. Many of us know this to be too true, and this truth goes for Vicki, a recent divorcee after 44 years of marriage.

Again single and not sure where to go, Vicki, like many others, felt a little bit lost. Vicki must have understood how important it is to have confidence and feel good about yourself, because she decided her first step would be to book an appointment with Christopher Hopkins, also known as “The Makeover Guy.” She was excited for her makeover, knowing that Hopkins was skilled enough to appreciate her newly single self, and to help her feel fun and fabulous!

Being freshly single, especially after a 44-year marriage, can be so challenging. The tears that Vicki fought back on camera were incredibly relatable, as was her hopefulness when she stated that she was long past ready to think of herself as beautiful again. She was just terrified at the thought of being single, especially because the last time she had been was at 18 years of age! Who wouldn’t be terrified?

Vicki questioned how to go about the “single life.” How would she meet someone, and who was she even looking for? She asked herself the question we all wonder, “what would new people think of me?”

The Makeover Guy must have related to her, because he clearly knew exactly how to help. Christopher decided that her radiant inner beauty deserved a head-to-toe makeover rather than just a quick hair spruce. Christopher clearly sensed her lack of confidence or even sadness, and decided to pull out all the stops for this lovely lady.

Beginning with Vicki’s hair, he removed a good deal of length, and dyed what was left. While the dye was setting in, he turned to her makeup. Along the way, Christopher emphasized what he was doing for her. He started with her eyebrows, using dye to make them a color slightly lighter than they were naturally, blending in with her skin tone, newly evened out with a soft foundation. As the transformation and makeup process continued, Vicki became more and more unrecognizable.

What did you think of Vicki’s transformation? Doesn’t she look so much happier? If you know anyone who needs to know how important it is to feel good about yourself, then this video is for them! 


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